Lost & Found

The Old Way

Traditionally, lost and found is time consuming. Returning items to guests is a hassle because a staff member must take the item to a post office or a pack and ship center. High COD (collect on delivery) fees result in returned shipments and can cost a lot of money. Very few items get returned to their owners.

The Item Rescue

By providing you with all the tools you need, we take the hassle out of managing lost and found. Print shipping labels and charge guest credit cards for return costs. Easily notify guests about possible items left behind without compromising privacy. Save time and return more items.

Would you want a hotel to contact you if you left an item behind?

When asked this question, not surprisingly, 99% of respondents said that they would like a hotel to contact them about an item they left behind. Unfortunately, most hotels do not make an effort to contact their guests about lost items. With Item Rescue Lost & Found, contacting guests via text message and email is easy! It also eliminates privacy concerns because item and reservation information is never revealed.

Industry-leading Support

Knowledge Base

By choosing Item Rescue, you get access to 24/7 support from technical, lost & found, and shipping experts.


Since our software is cloud-based, you never have to install updates. New features and updates are released in the background.


An Item Rescue representative will personally train you and your staff. Our software is easy to use, but we are here for you.

We are your lost & found solution!

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